E-Power System Ltd. manufactures and does the service of electric machines. The producing activity means participation in manufacturing wind generators of 1650-3400 kW and traction motors of 400-500 kW, as the member of the supplier chain. Our maintenance activity covers diagnostic, maintance and overhaul of transformers, electric machines, generators and other works.


Our main field of activities:
Repair of grid and distribution transformers until the level of 35kV, 2.5 MVA,
On-site repair and maintenance of grid and distribution transformers,
Maintance and overhaul of electric stations,
Pre-assembly of electrical distribution boxes,
Quality improvement of electric networks (reactive compensation, overtone filtration), installation of energy management systems,
Repair and calibration of instrument transformers up to voltage level 35kV and 2000A
Maintance and repair of street-lighting up to height of 12.5m
Repair of electric motors (explosion-proof type, high voltage, DC, special, slip-ring, synchronous machine),
Repair of lifting magnets, brake lifters,
Manufacturing electric heaters,
Drives (AC, DC, servo),
Switchgears (circuit breakers, contactors, disconnectors),
Pumps (diving, booster, accelerating, centrifugal),
Compressors (piston-, screw-), air blowers, centrifuges, mixing-machines,
Repair, maintance and overhaul of steam turbines, blowers and gearboxes,
Diagnostics of machines and machine-groups,
Dynamic balancing of rotors,
Shift alignment by laser of machine groups,
Installation of condition monitoring systems,
Dry ice blasting of technological equipments,
Heat treatment for welding.