E-Power System Ltd. is one of the most important electric machine manufacturer, repair and maintaining company in Hungary. The production and service of rotary machine are to be found in the plant of Tiszaújváros, the transformer repair and the electric network wiring works in the plant of Nyíregyháza.
The company works in Quality Assurance System certified by ISO 9001 and in Environmental Management System certified by ISO 14001 and by the Workplace Health Care and Safety Management System certified by the OHSAS 18001.


Our plant in Tiszaújváros has more than 50 years professional experience. The leading petrochemical company of Hungary, TVK Chemical Works established the company in 1963 for the service of its increased electric machine repair works. It has been evolved a professional culture of high technical standard in course of repair and overhauling works by very exacting requirements. The electric machine repair plant was formed by TVK in 1996 into a separate company in the name of TVK-VISZ Villamosgép Szerviz Ltd., then sold to Asea Brown Boveri in 1999. Spending 3 years in the organisation of one of the biggest electric machine manufacturer brought further qualitative and professional development to the workshop. BanKonzult Ltd. has bought the transformer repair plant of Tiszántúli Áram Szolgáltató PLC (E.ON) in 1998. BanKonzult Energy Ltd. bought the plant in Tiszaújváros from ABB in 2002. With the combination of the activities and the re-arrangement of the resources took over BanKonzult Energy Ltd. the leading of the transformer plant in 2007. In 2017 the E-Power System Ltd. bought its plants, machines, equipment, tools, and took over its contracts, employees and management.


The plant of E-Power System Ltd. in Tiszaújváros is engaged in doing the repair, overhauling and maintenance works.
Our main activities:
Manufacturing wind generators,
Manufacturing traction motors,
Repair, maintenance and overhaul of electric motors (explosion-proof type, high voltage, direct current, special, slip-ring, synchronous machines) with no limit on power,
Lifting-magnets, brake lifters,
Electric heaters,
Drives (AC, DC, servo),
Switchgears (circuit breakers, contactors, disconnectors),
Pumps (diving, booster, accelerating, centrifugal),
Compressors (piston-, screw-), air blowers, centrifuges, mixing equipment,
Steam-turbines, blowers, gearboxes.

Main activity of E-Power System Ltd. – with the plant in Nyíregyháza – is the maintenance and overhaul of heavy-current electrical equipment.
Our main activities:
Repair of grid and distribution transformers up to the level of 35 kV, 2.5 MVA
On-site repair and maintenance of grid and distribution transformers
Oil analysis
Repair and calibration of current and voltage transformers up to the voltage level of 2000 A and 35 kV
Maintenance and repair of the street-lighting until the height of 12.5 m.